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Disney Has Abandoned the Fox, And Now it’s All Alone

Disney renames 20th Century fox as 20th television
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It’s never easy to say goodbye. But that doesn’t seem to be the case with Disney. After acquiring the world acclaimed, 20th Century Fox, Disney has soullessly thrown out the “Fox” and has replaced it with a television.

20th Century Fox will now be known as 20th Television.

New 20th television logo

I can still hear the drums and trumpets from the beginning of every 20th century Fox movie. That sound was the hallmark of an incredible motion picture. We strongly hope that Disney doesn’t abandon that too.

Now that we are done expressing our grief, it will be fair to point out that this decision was a result of a mutual agreement between FOX and Disney. The intention was to help the general public differentiate between both entities. i.e. the Disney-owned parts of the “old FOX” and the newly formed FOX.

To this end, new logos and end cards will begin to show up on TV shows this fall. The new logos will be displayed on new episodes of The Simpsons, and other related series. However, old chapters on streaming platforms and digital libraries will retain the original logo.

Although the acquisition was completed last year, this new name-drop served as a reminder to that historic moment when the merger went through.

The FOX acquisition

Currently, Disney owns the entire FOX movie studio division. In addition, it owns Fox’s 30% stake in Hulu and the FOX television group. However, FOX Corp. will retain its independence. The “New FOX” will include FOX Entertainment, FOX Sports, Fox News, Fox Business, and the FOX TV broadcast channel.

Disney spent up to $71 billion to acquire the portions of Fox’s assets specified above. Soon, they will be rebranding their other TV studios with new names and graphics. ABC Studios and ABC signature studios will be merged into ABC Signature. Also, FOX 21 Television will be renamed as Touchstone Television.

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In an official statement, Disney television studio president said, “Our new studio names and logo marks a new day for ABC Signature, 20th Television, and Touchstone Television.  “It also honours the rich history and the creative power of The Walt Disney Company,” he added. 

While this move seems exciting for the company, many viewers have been disgruntled. This is because they would rather enjoy diverse creative and entertaining contents from two separate entities.

On the other hand, employees have been saddened by the stark reality of having to face unemployment as a result of the merger. 

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