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EFCC Launches Crime-Fighting Mobile App Called Eagle Eye

EFCC launches Eagle Eye app
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The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, has launched an App called the Eagle Eye.

The commission said the app will assist in the process of reporting economic and financial crimes in Nigeria.

Chairman of the Commission, Abdulrasheed Bawa, disclosed this today, Wednesday, July 14, 2021 during the launch.

It’s A Made-in-Nigeria App:

According to him, the Eagle Eye app was conceived, designed and developed by a staff of the commission.

He said the app is the first of its kind in Nigeria as no other law enforcement agency in the country has ever come up with such fit.

“For us at the EFCC, this event is unique in several ways.”

“It’s the first of its kind by any law enforcement agency in the country.”

“Secondly, it’s the product of ingenuity by a staff of the commission.”

He said it is “an application that was initiated, designed and developed by the EFCC.”

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Bawa also disclosed that the initiative agrees with his mission, on appointment, to adopt technology in the operations of EFCC.

He said “it’s a clear demonstration of my pledge, on assumption of office, to run an agency that’s technologically driven.”

Functions of the Eagle Eye APP:

“The Eagle Eye presents a new experience, a new information-sharing tool between the public and the EFCC.”

The app will eliminates direct person-to-person interface in the reporting process.

The EFCC app will also guarantee anonymity which is an added incentive to effective whistle blowing.

“With the App, those who are afraid of reporting cases of corruption to the commission, either for fear of being identified as a partner or having their identity revealed can now do so with the assurance of full secrecy.”

The EFCC chief said Eagle Eye App “will go a long way in aiding reportage of fraudulent activities of individuals.”

The report will be “particularly in the case of Money Laundering through Real Estate.”

“With the Eagle Eye, Nigerians and Non Nigerians can easily take a picture of a property suspected to have been fraudulently or corruptly acquired and report through the App seamlessly.”

“You have at your fingertips a device that will ultimately ensure no hiding place for the corrupt in Nigeria.”

How Eagle Eye App works:

Bawa also assured that the Eagle eye app is user friendly.

“Eagle eye app is a user friendly application, with features that can be navigated by any literate person.”

The chairman explained that the first step to using the app is by downloading it.

Then, then users will install the app on their mobile phones and launch it.

The App displays requests for the sender’s phone number and address.

Bawa said the information column helps authenticate the tip-off or whistle-blowing from the sender.

Afterwards, users can take pictures of suspected corrupt property with the Eagle Eye app.

After taking photos of the suspected property, the sender can upload the pictures and the commission will receive the tip-off and the photos.

EFCC will then swoop into action after verifying the authenticity of the tip-off.

Bawa said, “The first step is to download the App on one’s device, take pictures and upload pictures.

“There is a column requesting for the sender’s phone number and address, in a bid to discourage malicious reporting.”

Where To Get EFCC’s Eagle Eye App:

The EFCC chairman said Nigerians and non-Nigerians can download the Eagle Eye App from either Apple or Google Play stores.

Versions of the APP:

The Eagle Eye App is available for both iPhone and Android phone users.

While iPhone users can download the app from Apple Play store, Android phone users can download it on Google Play store.

Indicate if you want rewards:

Bawa said Nigerians who wish to get rewards from exposing corrupt persons and proceeds to should use the app.

He said users should indicate their interest in getting rewards when using the app.

“Such persons should indicate in the information they are providing.”

Penalties for misinformation:

The EFCC general however warned that it would penalize anybody who misleads or gives the commission false information.

“There are penalties clearly stipulated in the laws, for giving false information that could mislead the Commission.”

Bawa appealed to the general public to use the app and contribute in fighting corruption in Nigeria.

He said, “I, therefore, appeal to members of the public to take advantage of this application in bringing cases of corruption and economic crimes to the knowledge of the EFCC.”


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