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Germans Can Now Buy PS5 Video Game Console From Sony PlaystationDirect Via PayPal

PS5, Germans Can Now Buy PS5 From Sony Direct Via PayPal

Germans Can Now Buy PS5 Video Game Console From Sony PlaystationDirect Via PayPal.

This is coming just as PlayStation Direct factory sales readies to start in a few moments.

One of the most important question right now on the minds of Germans is how to buy a PS5 and where?

This is because, the PS5 sale is not yet publicly available.

Consequently, only those with invitations via mail can buy the gaming system.

Also, the initial inability to buy a PS5 via PayPal is another issue.

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Buying of PS5 excluded other options such as Invoice, direct debit, bank transfer or PayPal.

Note also that before now, game lovers could not buy PS5 directly from Sony via PayPal.

This caused further delays and dissatisfactions in getting the gaming system.

Consequently, in the last few months, PS5 sales was low.

This was equally because only Sony’s in-house store PlayStation Direct was the reliable source to get PS5.

However, reports indicate that there may have been a change to the usual procedure of selling to people.

Information on the webpage of the company now states that PayPal is now available for payments.

Consequently, game lovers can buy PS5 directly through PayPal.

There is now an opportunity to buy a PS5 there almost every week.

Meanwhile, expectations of a public sale is still high.

On Sunday, May 14th, 2022, Sony sent a personalized email invitations with links to selected PSN users.

This link would take interested buyers to the Sony shop where such a buyer could buy a PS5 and the corresponding accessories.

This trend continues today.

Therefore, interested buyers are asked to check their spam folder to see if they are one of the lucky ones.

Meanwhile, in the past, there was usually a public sale after the exclusive sale like the ongoing one.

Therefore, fans are expecting that there would be similar developments after today’s exclusive sales.

Here are the most important questions every German game lover wants to know:

The most important information about the sale at PlayStation Direct

Who can buy a PS5 where today?

If you received an email invitation yesterday, you can buy a PS5 today on the official PlayStation Direct website.

When will the sale start?

As usual for Sony factory sales, the sales campaign starts again today at around 10:30 am.

Unfortunately, since the contingents at this dealer have always been quite manageable and were therefore usually sold out after 15-20 minutes, it really pays to be on time.

How to pay According to Sony’s official FAQ:

There are currently only two payment methods: via direct.playstation.com).

This option offers only two access at the moment: You can only pay with Visa or Mastercard at PlayStation Direct in Germany.



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