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Live Streaming On Netflix For Comedy And Unscripted Content

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The video streaming platform Netflix has said that it will be expanding its services. Its expansion plan is that users would be able to enjoy live streaming of standup specials, unscripted series and shows on its platform.

According to a report by Deadline, it gives more light to the live streaming plans by Netflix. It pointed out that it would allow live events like reunions. Asides from shows that requires voting, live voting can take place.

Netflix hasn’t been airing live shows, but it aired its first in-person live comedy festival for the first time this year. The show went on for several days with about 130 comedians. The festival, ‘Netflix is a joke’, was organised by Netflix, and it is in Los Angeles. Some comedians to have graced the comedy festival includes Jerry Sinfeld, Ali Mong, Bill and others.

During the show, Netflix had announced some of its others shows that might start airing on the platform between May and June. And this would mean that users can enjoy a show as if they are present where it is being held. They watch as a show unfolds.

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However, there are still unclear things concerning the feature. One of which is the accessibility of the feature. Will it be accessible to some countries or selected countries?

Also, Netflix recently recorded a decline in its earnings and lost some of its subscribers. Will this be a way for the platform to get back on track finally, asides from banning password sharing?

Disney Plus, one of its competing platforms, earned 7.9 million subscribers in the first quarter of 2022. Also, it has live streaming and has aired some shows and series on its platform.

However, Netflix is yet to release any official statement concerning the feature.

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