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Google Modernises Its Calendar Invites

Calendar invites
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Google says it will be rebranding the emails it sends out for its calendar. In subsequent months users will start getting a new look at receiving calendar invites through their mail. The calendar invites would come in more precise and would be modernised.

Here is a detailed explanation.

Let’s say a user decides to make changes to its event date, like changing from 23rd to 24th. The calendar will show the old date and the new date. However, it will cross over the previous date to showcase that it has been cancelled.

At the top of the screen, Google indicates the changes that have taken place on the calendar.

This will make it easy for users to know the changes to look for.

However, those that manage their apps from third-party apps might not have access to the update.

Some third-party apps that fall into the category include Outlook and Fantastical.

Interestingly according to a report, it doesn’t show in the email app but turns to a calendar view.

Google’s commitment to growing its platform

The search engine platform has been committed to the user experience.

It keeps bringing in new updates to ensure they have a good experience while using its platform and subsidiary.

And the best part is that it flows from every area of their life.

They can find anything they want, place the event, do presentations, have a database, etc.

Satisfying users’ needs would mean growth for Google as more users will continually use its platform.

Here are some Google updates.

Implication for users

A few days from now, Google has said that users will begin to notice changes when they receive a calendar invite.

However, these changes might not come into effect immediately.

Google has said it will bring the changes to everyone by the end of the month.

So if you haven’t seen it, you will see it.

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