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Google Photos To End Free Unlimited Storage In 2021

The home of many memories is renovating as Google says it is changing its free, unlimited photo storage policy. The unlimited feature made its usage really popular.

However, with its recent update, it might not be getting a lot of visibility after five years of its existing feature.

In the future, Google plans on imposing a fee, after which the 15GB on the account has been used.

Besides, the storage policy will be effective from June 1, 2021.

Google Photos have been hosting memories in the forms of pictures and videos with no limit to its storage.

Over the years, 4 trillion photos are being stored on Google Photos and 28 billion photos are uploaded weekly.

However, in its recent quest to update its policies, it declares a change in providing unlimited high-quality storage.

The change will help in keeping pace with the demand for storage.

Therefore, whoever uses up the allocated gigabyte by Google will have to pay for additional storage.

What really is it about?

But previous memories won’t count in the new policy.

To be clear, the 15GB will only apply to the new photos and pictures after June 1.

So for the existing high-quality photos and videos, the storage limit does not count against it.

Fortunately, the effect is six months from now, so users can decide to keep using Google or look for other storage options.

However, Google says that over 80 percent of people can store three more years of memories using the limited storage.

Also, it says that users will get an update on the flow of things through the app or a mail.

Google plans on providing a storage management tool that will serve as a guide to managing the progress of the storage and backed up photos and videos.

Asides from Pixel owners, they will still be able to upload high-quality pictures and videos after June 1st for free without it counting in the storage cap.

Although this is not as good as what Pixel offers its owners, Google is using these as a support to those who use their devices.

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How to expand storage space on Google

After a user has used the 15GB provided by Google, what’s next?

Well, the user can expand its storage through Google one. A user gets to pay for a plan starting from $1.99 per month for 100 GB, including many other benefits Google offers.

However, plans vary per country as they don’t share the same currency.

Google is also updating many other policies.

It is deleting data from dormant accounts that haven’t been logged in for like two years, counting workspace documents and Spreadsheets against all caps.

Google has been one of the recommendations in the mouth of many in terms of its unlimited storage for pictures.

Taking away one of its selling points might be a huge advantage to other storage service providers.

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