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Share YouTube Videos As Sticker On Snapchat

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Learn how to share YouTube videos as stickers on Snapchat

With the new update from Snapchat, you can easily share content from YouTube on your Snap or your story.

The feature would be one that would allow users to bypass the whole process of copying, pasting and attaching videos with a link.

However, users would be able to share content directly from YouTube to their Snapchat.

The update would be available to both Android and iOS users.

They would be able to share their videos to more people while increasing their subscribers and engagement.

How to share YouTube videos as stickers on Snapchat

YouTube Videos As Sticker On Snapchat

They will click on the video they want to share and click the share button.

From the option shown, select Snapchat to share on the platform.

Snapchat will automatically open, and the video will appear as a sticker in your gallery.

It would show the name, creator of the video and the thumbnail.

You can decide to resize the sticker to your choice, and choose whatever position of the screen it should be in.

Also, you can decide to rotate the sticker, depending on your choice.

This would allow anyone viewing your Snap or story to go to your video.

And they would be viewing the video once they click on the sticker.

It would take them directly to the YouTube app or the web version of YouTube.

Previously, this was not possible to directly connect YouTube videos to Snapchat.

You will have to copy the link from YouTube, open Snapchat, and take a picture from your gallery to paste the link to share.

The video will now appear as a resizeable banner and shows a banner you can resize with a title alongside a thumbnail.

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Although this doesn’t mean you can’t add videos like this.

You can still decide to add videos like this, but it won’t look as pleasing as the new option.

Implication for users

You can now share YouTube videos as stickers on Snapchat.

This wasn’t possible on Snapchat previously.

This new development is one way for social platforms to encourage those that actively use their platform.

Like creators on YouTube, they can easily share their content and get more engagement and subscribers.

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