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Microsoft Rolling Out Free Console Upgrade To Xbox Series

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Microsoft has said that it would roll out free console upgrade to all Xbox Series X.

It said its free upgrade would be to a next-gen flagship that looks like Playstation’s “Switcher.”

So, if you own an Xbox Series X, then you’re in luck!

According to Microsoft, the new upgrade will let you load your games quicker than ever before.

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This latest announcement of a new upgrade is one treat that Xbox fans are now looking up to.

So, as Playstation fans enjoy the release of Horizon and Forbidden West, Xbox fans are now eagerly waiting for this free console upgrade.

The tech giant also said that it would be making the upgrade free to players in the coming weeks.

How the new upgrade will benefit you:

The new mega upgrade will allow you to use Quick Resume for two games rather than just one.

This will save you a lot of loading time as Quick Resume allows you to jump straight back into a game without any loading time.

Keep in mind that you can still enjoy this benefit even if you switched off your console.

Note also that currently, the Quick Resume only works with one game.

However, the Quick Resume upgrade will make it possible for you to jump between games easily.

How this came to be:

Well, this new change was noticed by Xbox alpha testers.

They saw notes on an incoming feature which stated that “users on Xbox Series X|S consoles can now keep up to two games in Quick Resume.

It added that they can keep up to two Quick Resume no matter what other games are launched.

So, you will just notice the changes on your Quick Resume .

You can, however, can also manually remove the upgrade.

These games will only drop out of Quick Resume if the user manually removes it or if a game is updated.”

Quick Resume is made possible by the Xbox Series X’s advanced memory technology.

It works even if you perform a hard shutdown of the console.

If you don’t want Quick Resume active on a game, you can close it by pressing the menu button and scrolling down to ‘quit’.

Xbox New Upgrade Vs Playstation’s Switcher:

The Playstation 5 has ‘Switcher’. The Switcher lets you jump between different apps and games without having to go to the Home Screen.

However, it doesn’t keep your games in a state of permanent pause as with Quick Resume.

Quick Resume is one of several nifty Xbox features currently available.

There’s also Game Pass Remote Play, which lets you play the console from anywhere using your phone and an Internet connection.

One day, it’s features like Remote Play which could see consoles disappear entirely as Internet speeds become fast enough to let people stream games.

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