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Microsoft Teams’ Daily Usage Takes A Massive Leap To 115 Million

Microsoft Teams record 115million active daily users
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Microsoft Teams now records over 115million daily active users.

Comparing this with its previous report from six months ago, this is a 50% growth in its user base.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Microsoft has experienced a continued upsurge in traffic on Teams.

Interestingly, they’ve been able to maintain that growth month after month. 

In April, Microsoft announced a record of 75million daily users owing to the COVID 19 pandemic.

Only a month before that, it announced a total of 44million daily users. 

Collaborating on the Microsoft Teams App

Due to the increasing need for teams (or friends) to stay connected during the lockdown period, video conference apps’ adoption grew massively.

Other competitors like Google and Zoom have also experienced increased daily usage of their meeting apps. 

Earlier this year, Google Meet’s daily usage surpassed the 100million mark.

On the other hand, Zoom also recorded 300million active daily users. 

Through the pandemic, Microsoft has made several improvements to Teams.

Part of this improvement includes the addition of a new feature called “Together Mode.”

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What is the Together Mode?

Microsoft Teams’ Together Mode was added earlier this year.

This unique feature was designed to change the video conference experience and make participants feel like they’re all in one place.

To create this “together” effect, Microsoft places participants in a virtual space.

The said space could be any of the following; an auditorium, a more relaxed spot like a coffee shop, or even a basketball court. 

Microsoft Teams collaborates with NBA

After the feature was launched, the National Basketball Association (NBA) used it to place fans courtside during live games.

This gave fans a real feel of a shared viewing experience during the tournament.  

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What’s more?

Microsoft has also made Teams more interactive by allowing the integration of third-party apps. 

Also, they’ve made the app available to families and friends for casual use.

In addition, the brand has promised several new additions before the end of the year.

One addition that we’re likely to see soon is the breakout rooms.

Hopefully, we’d get to see more interesting features roll out in the coming weeks.

What do you think about Microsoft’s recent additions? Let us know in the comment section below.

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