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The Infinix Zero 8 Offers A Flagship Gaming Experience With Dar-Link AI Optimization Engine

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Infinix, a world-renowned consumer electronics brand, pioneered a game optimization engine, Dar-link 1.0.

This is a major breakthrough made by the Infinix R&D team to improve the gaming experience of its users around the world.

The technology enhances the system by making improvements to the graphics display, touchscreen sensitivity, and by optimizing the data load.

At present, Infinix is the first to apply this technology to the 2020 flagship device Infinix Zero 8, bringing a brand-new gaming experience to users.

Infinix product manager, Matt said, “The Infinix R&D team has done multiple testing to optimize the Dar-link game engine by repeated polishing of several specific problems that users face.

“This is a major technological innovation of Infinix. It brings gaming interaction and display experience to a new level, and enhances the user’s sensory experience in PUBG and other mobile games.”

A smooth and stable graphics display

Dar-link 1.0’s screen enhancement processing function uses multiple algorithms to optimize the game display screen and recognizes different screen scenes through intelligent calculations, so that the game image processing rate matches the requirements of the relevant scenes, giving users a stronger visual impact.

In addition, the frame rate prediction algorithm can generate pictures in advance, based on the different scenes in the game.

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By optimizing the screen, the game scene switching is faster and more stable.

Realistic picture rendering creates an immersive gaming space for players, engaging them in a gameplay experience and bringing their in-game adventure to life.

An improved touchscreen sensitivity

The Dar-link game engine intelligently controls its computing power from the chip.

The Infinix Zero 8 Helio G90T chipset further optimizes the GPU image rendering capabilities and screen display to increase the sensitivity of the touchscreen and reduce latency when refreshing the screen.

This improves the touching experience of gaming, which is particularly apparent for PUBG.

With a stable switching of the scenes, users can quickly capture the target through a millisecond touch response rate, thereby increasing the rate of winning.

A sensitive touch response lets users experience the thrill of being integrated with a machine. It also enables the gamer to be a notch faster in-game.

Keeping the data load in check

Usually, a chip’s performance will deteriorate from long usage of a mobile phone, especially when running a large-capacity mobile game.

This is due to the heat generated from the device and the reduced performance will affect the gaming experience as a whole.

On the other hand, Infinix’s technological innovation intelligently adjusts the operating speed of CPU/GPU, manages and allocates resources according to different game scenarios to maintain the efficient operation of the mobile phone. This solves the problem of mini-freezes while gaming, and makes the game run more smoothly.

In addition, it also reduces the temperature of the device and all-together creates a more pleasing gaming experience for every user.

About Infinix

Launched in 2013 and targeting the young generations, Infinix Mobile is a premium online-driven smartphone brand. With “THE FUTURE IS NOW” as the brand essence, Infinix aims to allow consumers to stand out in the crowd and to show the world who they really are.

Infinix is committed to providing the most up-to-date technologies, bold and stylish designs, keeping consumers on trend.

Infinix’s portfolio spans five product lines – ZERO, NOTE, HOT, S, and SMART; empowering users to own innovative technologies and experience intelligent lifestyles!

Infinix has a presence in more than 70 countries around the world, covering Africa, Latin America, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and South Asia.

For more information on Infinix products and activities, you can visit their official website at www.infinixmobility.ng or visit Infinix on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram at @Infinixnigeria.

You can also join their community of young and vibrant fans on XClub via the app on your Infinix device or click on this link to download the app if you’re a non Infinix user.

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