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TikTok Would Much Rather Shut Down its U.S Operations than Sell Out

TikTok Would Much Rather Shut Down its U.S Operations than Sell Out

Beijing appears to be against the selling of TikTok’s operation in the U.S.

The operations of TikTok are overseen by their parent company, ByteDance.

On Friday, the company spoke up.

They mentioned they’d much rather shut down their operations in the U.S than sell out.

TikTok and the U.S government

TikTok Would Much Rather Shut Down its U.S Operations than Sell Out

TikTok vs the American Government

For months now, TikTok and the American government have been in negotiations.

The Trump administration has been trying to force TikTok into selling its operations in the U.S to U.S companies.

Potential buyers include Microsoft and Oracle.

Trump also threatened to ban the company from doing business in the U.S if it doesn’t sell out.

The deadline he gave elapses by mid-September.

There has been a change of heart

Now, the Chinese government has had a change of heart.

Based on information gotten from anonymous sources, they believe selling U.S TikTok will make China and ByteDance appear weak.

“TikTok has never given the impression to the U.S government that it’d shut down”

The above was said by TikTok in a statement given to Reuters.

On September 11, 2020, the Chinese ministry spokesperson, Zhao Lijian issued a statement at a press briefing.

He said America is taking advantage and misusing the concept of national security.

He went further to ask the U.S to quit taking advantage of foreign establishments.


TikTok Would Much Rather Shut Down its U.S Operations than Sell Out

TikTok, America and China

Regardless of these, TikTok can proceed with the sale if they wish.

They can still sell out without the approval of the Chinese government.

However, their important algorithms won’t be part of the sale.

In response to the ongoing situation, Zhang Yiming, the CEO of ByteDance has found himself in a dilemma between two outstanding powers.

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The possible effect of TikTok’s cancelled in the U.S

TikTok Would Much Rather Shut Down its U.S Operations than Sell Out

The decision to shutdown TikTok’s operations in the U.S might not favour American teenagers.

A lot of them use the app to express their creativity.

The American government will not deter regardless.

They believe TikTok is stealing Americans’ data for malicious purposes.

Despite TikTok’s claim that it would not consent to sharing any American data with China.

Trump is, however, determined to eliminate TikTok’s China influence from the U.S.

Beijing, on the other hand, will not have the U.S bully TikTok without fighting back.

On August 28, the Chinese government published a list of technologies that would require government approval before they could be exported abroad.

TikTok’s much-desired Artificial Intelligence algorithm technology made the list, according to experts on the topic.

Beijing claims the regulation is not targeted at any specific company or technology.

However, they’re bent on making sure that the law is enforced.

Do you think China’s new regulation has anything to do with TikTok’s inconveniences?

Let us know in the comments section below.

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