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Twitter Introduces New Edge To Edge Frame For Videos And Pictures On Timelines

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Twitter would be testing a new development for its timeline. It introduced the edge to edge media frame to tweets for iOS users.

This is to create a better experience for the users, making it Instagram like.

On Tuesday, Twitter had posted on its platform the update.

Now testing on iOS:

“Edge to edge Tweets that span the width of the timeline so your photos, GIFs, and videos can have more room to shine.”

From the post, the social media giant said that the feature would enable more room to shine for a tweet.

Also, the testing would help Twitter support conversations on its platform that are both visual and text-based.

Previously, people have had issues with the design of Twitter and had put their complaints out about how it made image cropping look.

They had said image cropping had been biased against black faces.

Also, when pictures were zoomed on in preview, the white-faced people showed more than the black.

Although Twitter had made several attempts at correcting this, like eliminating cropping, it didn’t work.

However, this testing development is another attempt for Twitter to solve the problem.

Interestingly, people have found issues with testing of the feature.

Some complained that the layout was causing health problems like headaches.

Other complaints made were that the edge to edge screenshots looks like an actual tweet.

This signifies that before the development can be fully released, Twitter still has some bugs to fix.

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Implication for you

The feature would only roll out to iOS users for now for testing.

So if you are using an Apple device, you might notice that the appearance of your tweets on the timeline has changed.

And your timeline will give the Instagram kind of feel.

Meanwhile, Twitter hasn’t mentioned if it would be rolling out to Android users soon.

Also, it didn’t include the countries the testing would be available to.

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