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Twitter: What Jack Dorsey’s Endorsement Means For #EndSARS Campaign

Twitter Boss, Jack Dorsey Endorses #EndSars: What it means

The nationwide protest against police brutality is still ongoing, with no end in sight.

Interestingly, foreign individuals and corporate organisations are also showing concerns and lending their voices.

In the latest development, Twitter’s boss, Jack Dorsey, has endorsed the anti-police brutality movement.

The American technology entrepreneur, in a tweet, urges Bitcoin donation to end the ongoing menace.

Initially, Jack tweeted “#EndSARS,” tagging a tweet from @techcabal.

In a later tweet, Jack urges his community of followers to “Donate via #Bitcoin to help #EndSARS.”

He did, replying to a tweet from @feministcoalition, one of several platforms raising funds for the ongoing protest.

Although this is coming almost a week since the nationwide protest commenced, it’s not so unexpected.

Twitter has been an enabling platform for the protest from the very beginning.

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More so, a real-time update of the protest is being communicated via the platform.

There is no doubt that the social media platform has played a significant role.

As such, having Jack’s support at this time means a lot for the cause Nigerians are fighting.

Counterposing opinions

While many Nigerians are very pleased about Jack’s support, it appears that it’s not so for everyone.

Although, in this case, the majority of the opposing opinions are coming from the political leaders.

A prominent example is from the CEO of IPI Group Limited, Adamu Garba.

In an open letter to Jack, Adamu advised Jack to “stay away from Nigerian politics.”

He stated that the ongoing protest has transformed into political agitation.

As such, any further support from his likes can break law and order in the country.

Conclusively, Adamu intends to sue Jack should the protest evolved into disorder.

If this protest continues to evolve into disorder (hopefully not). As a Nigerian citizen, we’ll meet in court. Thank you,” Adamu added.

It is also important to note that Adamu Garba has been a part of the protest all along.

Hence, it is safe to say, his antagonism against Jack’s support is not entirely a selfish one. So yes, he may be right after all.

Implications of Jack’s support

With that said, here are a few implications of Jack Dorsey’s #EndSARS endorsement;

More international recognition

Currently, the #EndSARS movement has gained a lot of recognition outside of Nigeria.

Jack’s participation will only attract more of such recognition as well as a contribution towards this cause.

It won’t be surprising to see prominent tech entrepreneurs like Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg join soon.

Prolonged protest

Jack’s endorsement would also mean a prolonged campaign given the provision of sufficient funds.

Over the past few days, over N150 million has been raised for the ongoing campaign.

With Jack promoting a suitable payment channel like bitcoin, more funding is expected.

Also, in line with Mr.Adamu’s opinion, there is more to the ongoing protest against police brutality.

The movement is beginning to exhibit political elements as much as it is dubbed a peaceful protest.

For instance, some hired Pro-SARS bandits disrupted the peaceful protest across various locations on Wednesday.

More comments from people

Protesters from Abuja and Lagos were not excluded as they had to charge against the pro-SARS members respectively.

That been said, a prolonged protest may lead to political instability, and it’s looking likely.

Bitcoin Scam Saga

Cybercriminals are always on the look for opportunities to prey on any victim.

One of the most prominent ways of scamming lately is through Bitcoin payment.

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It won’t be surprising that a lot of scammers will be taking advantage of this golden opportunity to siphon funds.

It is only a matter of time before people start creating parody accounts of some of these fund-raising accounts.

However, it is advisable for interested donors to double-check for originality when attempting to donate.

What Techuncode thinks about Jack’s support

We have always been a fan of Jack and his support for Nigeria over the years.

Other than owning Twitter, Jack is as good as any other foreign individual showing support for Nigeria.

It is out of place to misinterpret this kind gesture for sabotage or any related issue.

On that note, we don’t think he is liable for any political unrest or uncertainties that ensue from the ongoing protest.

Check out other comments from Twitter users about Jack’s #EndSARS endorsement.

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