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Twitter Witnessed Partial Service Downtime This Weekend

Twitter down for longer than expected over the weekend.
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Twitter’s partial outage seems to have persisted for longer than expected over the weekend. The partial outage Twitter had on Friday was reported to have persisted till Saturday morning by users on the East Coast in the USA.

Users reported that while the page would load, they were actually unable to send tweets and DMs.

Unfortunately, as of 11 AM ET Saturday, the site was still experiencing issues for many users.

Twitter Support posted a short message on Friday night about the issue and stated that it was looking into the matter.

The statement was later updated on Saturday morning. Although Twitter mentioned that it was “fixing an issue” with its server, it, however, made no official statement on how widespread the outage really was.

Even though Downdetector, which monitors site outages, showed a massive spike in problems around 8:25 pm ET on Friday.


Things seemed to be back on track and slowly returning to normal within an hour. Saturday morning around 8 am ET, it was shown a small uptick in reported problems yet again.

There are many times these outages can be credited to a problem with an intermediary service like Amazon Web Services, but its dashboard showed all green according to reports.

Other social media platforms have had their fair share of downtimes recently.

On March 19, world sleep day, we caught some social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram.

Social media platforms snooze on World Sleep Day

A message was posted by Twitter’s API status website posted that its data team was investigating “a possible system irregularity currently affecting all Twitter API v2 endpoints starting at 2021-04-17 12:00 UTC.

The presence and scope of any developer impact have not been determined at this time, but we will provide an update as soon as we know more”.

While Twitter is now back up and fully running, we hope that it can avoid future outages.

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