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Women’s Day: Tech Jobs For Women With No Tech Skills

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Women’s Day: Tech Jobs For Women With No Tech Skills is an article that is relevant as the world celebrates women.

Technology has permeated every aspect of life and sector; be it education, health, transport, agriculture, commerce, you name it. So, it is not what anybody should sit on the fence and watch while it moves the world.

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However, it is no longer news that most women shy away from tech. this is especially because some women believe tech is for men.

This is even truer when they think tech involves math, codes, integers and learning programming languages.

Well, those are not the only jobs that are there in tech.

Consequently, only just a few women have taken the challenge to be a part of tech.

Meanwhile, this notion has created a huge gender gap in terms of the percentage of women in tech as compared to men.

The International Women’s Day 2022 theme being celebrated today is “Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow.”

This theme seeks to close the inequality gap existing between women and men especially at work and other aspect of life.

To further close the gender inequality existing in the tech space, this article therefore discusses what tech jobs any woman without tech skills can do to be a part of tech.

Below are tech jobs you can get as a woman. However, you will need to learn the skills involved in them so you can be a professional.

1 Technical Content Writer

You can become a technical content writer for a tech company. Or a tech brand.

All you need do is write about everything concerning such brand or tech. For instance, you can write about the features of a new smartphone and its relevance to the consumers.

Also, you can write reviews about the product or technology. This does not require mathematics or coding language.

So writing about tech can make you be a part of tech. You can equally be a freelance tech writer. Likewise, you can create podcasts or YouTube videos of your reviews and still make money.

Keep in mind that having to write technical contents does not necessarily mean you mustn’t be humorous in your style.

So, you can still have fun with your writing by writing in your style.

2 Program/Project Management

As a project manager, you will work in teams to plan a project.

Here, you don’t also need to have a prior tech skill to work on a project.

All you need is to plan the project from conception to execution. You might also join post-execution to improve the brand.

There are many ways you can be a part of tech and still make your money.

You can make even more money working on multiple projects.

Consider Google’s YouTube Black for black creators. You too can be a part of it and make this your job as a woman.

3 Product Management

Another role you can take as a woman to be a part of tech is that of a Product Manager.

This job does not require math or some technical expectations you find with programming.

As a product manager, you oversee and supervise the lifecycle of a product.

Say for instance, the production of a TV set, a lab development of a vaccine.

You can be the project manager that plays the role of supervision from execution till it gets to the final consumers.

Also, you will be the one to assemble and assign roles to the field experts who will then carryout the execution.

So, understanding what end users want out of the product and delivering it to them will be your creed.

4 Data Analyst

This is another job women can take to be a part of tech.

As a data analyst, you collect numbers and data on market research, linguistics, logistics, sales numbers, and other kinds of consumer behaviour.

So, you basically become a researcher collecting numbers, interpreting them into an information any one can understand.

5  Tech Journalist, SEO Specialist, Software Tester

You can also either be any of the above. Becoming a software tester entails you test software for a company before such companies release them to the public.

You can also be a tech journalists by reporting the progress or even events around the product.


This year’s world international women’s day celebration is talking about  Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow.”

So, if more women get into the tech space, at least with these tech jobs and skill, the inequality gap can be greatly reduced if not closed entirely.

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