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YouTube Will Pay You $50,000 To Film Your Podcasts

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YouTube wants to begin paying podcasters to film their podcast shows.

Report say the video streaming platform might be paying up to $50,000 to individual podcasters so they can create video versions of their podcast shows.

It said while individuals will get $50, 000 to film their shows, Podcast networks will get up to $300, 000.

Reports also claim that YouTube is ready to pay upwards of $200,000 USD to $300,000 USD to podcast networks.

Bloomberg reports that YouTube has already started paying podcast creators.

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YouTube has been trying hard to improve customers’ satisfaction as it wants to provide its users with more fun opportunities.

Despite being a platform for video, the Google-owned YouTube hosts a number of popular podcasts, including the H3 Podcast, Full Send Podcast, and the Logan Paul-led Impaulsive.

Recall that in October, YouTube started allowing Canadian users to listen to audio for free even without opening the app.

This feature was previously available onto to its premium subscribers.

But now, it is making it accessible to every user.

Also, in October last year, YouTube also hired Kai Chuk to lead the company’s podcasting efforts.

Although Spotify already supports video podcasts, getting popular shows to make accompanying videos that are perhaps exclusive to the platform could help build an audience that wants more than just audio.

YouTube Music users can now share songs with Snapchat.

Meanwhile, on another development, YouTube Music users can now share songs with Snapchat.

Snapchat sharing for YouTube Music became possible on iOS in October.

Now, a new report has claimed that it is available on Android.

When you open the share sheet in YouTube Music for Android and tap Snapchat, you will be able to send whatever you are listening to on Snapchat.

The artwork for the album, the artist’s name, the app logo, and a link to listen to the music are all included.

Snapchat has also started rolling out a new feature to let users share their real-time location for 15 minutes or a few hours with friends.

“Make sure you and your friends get home safely with temporary location-sharing,” Snapchat posted in a tweet late on Friday.

The feature is similar to the Find My app on iOS, where users who’ve opted in can see and share precise location.


This latest development will surely help people make more money.

What it means is that podcast creators can now make money double on a single show.
While they make money from podcast networks, they equally make more from YouTube.

Meanwhile, YouTube too will, by this development, attract more users and make more revenue too.

So, its a win-win case for everyone.


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