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You Can Now Filter Abusive Messages On Instagram




Instagram is launching a new tool that would allow its users to filter abusive images on their page.

This was announced through a blog post on its website.

It stated that there had been series of reports concerning horrifying or offensive images on its platform.

An example is an experience shared by some footballers on their social platforms. They shared their experience of online abuse and racist comments.

This form of abuse is also popular with celebrities and influencers in their DM, especially DM request.

So, the essence of the tool is basically for protection against potential abuses and offensive comments and messages.

It listed some abuses ranging from racist, sexist, homophobic, amongst others.

Instagram highlights that the feature would filter offensive language in DMs and DM request, so users don’t have to see them.

This is as a result of the number of offensive statements and messages some people get in their DM request.

Previously, Instagram had been unable to control abusive words in private conversations; however, the new tool would be solving such a problem.

We don’t proactively look for hate speech or bullying the same way we do elsewhere,”, Instagram said

So, it would be focusing more on DM request as that’s where most people usually receive offensive messages.

However, the tool can only be active when it is activated; if not, a user can’t use it.

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Customised DM’s

Also, with the feature, you can select terms you don’t want to see in your private conversations.

This would enable the social platform to know what to filter or not; it would work just like the comment filter

To enable this, users would need to go to the settings of their account; select the privacy settings; you will see a new feature called Hidden Words.

That’s the feature that would enable users to turn on and off the words, comments and messages that are offensive.

Instagram also stated that it is working with some antibullying and discrimination firm that would help it cumulate some terms that have been identified as offensive.

From the list, the platform would be able to filter words.

However, this could be relative, as some words might not be on the list and someone might consider being offensive.

Instagram has given its users the freewill to create a custom list of offensive phrases, words, emoji’s, and comments.

FIltered comments or messages consisting of the list or predefined list would be kept in a hidden folder; you can choose to open the folder or not, depending on the user. Also, you can delete or make a report.

Instagram noted specifically in its post to ensure it follows privacy policy that the messages won’t be sent to its server; the exception is only when a message is reported.

It said that everything would take place on the users’ device.

In addition, Instagram announced that within a week the feature would be available to Germany, UK, France, Zealand and Canada and would expand to many more countries in the coming months.


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