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YouTube ‘Checks’ Would Caution Creators About Copyright




Video streaming site, YouTube, announced to be expanding its new feature, ‘Check’, to more users. This was after it first launched as a small testing scale in September 2020.

YouTube said the pre-upload tool would help creators know if their video complies with advertisement guidelines; vet if the content is their copyrighted content.

Also, it aimed at easing the process of uploading a video and receiving ad avenue for creators.

The upload Check feature would be rolling out to studio desktops.

Usually, YouTube creators upload videos online without any authorization on what is and what is not copyrighted in their video.

This led to copyright holders claiming ad revenue or videos were taken down due to copyright issues.

However, if a yellow icon or a yellow dollar symbol is seen next to the creator’s video, it means that the Ad revenue of that video has been seized due to guideline violation or copyright.

Previously, creators used to upload on the platform, hoping that nothing would go wrong or violate any guidelines.

What does ‘Checks’ do?

Checks would aid in uploading features to vet content uploads for copyrighted contents to reduce the number of seized ad revenue.

After vetting, if the copyright identification system discovers a violation, then the right owner policy would be applied to the video, making them secure monetisation.

In a case when the copyright identification discovers a matching content in a creator’s video to the rightful owner; Checks would send a signal to the video uploader.

It would also help the creator remove the part of the video before it is uploaded fully.

This would make YouTube creators earn without struggles after contents are uploaded; without disruption regarding content issues or monetising a video.

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In situations where the creator tries to upload a video, then ‘Checks’ discovered a copyright claim, the YouTube creator can dispute it.

The claims could take a few days to process, making the creator decide if or not to go ahead to upload them.

However, if the creator goes ahead to upload the content and is paid the ad revenue after the copyright claim has been processed and found guilty, the ad revenue would be subtracted from the creator’s account.

And the revenue would be paid to the rightful owner of the copyright.

Recently, YouTube has been working towards making uploads and revenue process easier and effective for creators on its platform.

Alongside Checks, it is also calling the attention of users to the drawbacks of making changes to metadata and tagging after publishing, which would affect their revenue on the platform.

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