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Microsoft To Unveil New Standalone Version Of Office In 2021

Microsoft Prepares to Unveil New Standalone Version of Office in 2021
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Microsoft has recently announced a standalone version of Microsoft Office.

The software company indicated that the version would launch in 2021.

The release will come in the second half of the year, earning it the name, Office 2022.

Microsoft didn’t give any more details about the new version.

In a statement, the company said it’ll provide more details later.

Information about the version will cover pricing, the official name and when it’ll be available.

Microsoft Prepares to Unveil New Standalone Version of Office in 2021

The new version will see features from Office 365 apps that Microsoft added since Office 2019.

Microsoft added that the release would be for both Mac and Windows.

On the other hand, we’re not quite sure it’ll be available for systems below Windows 10 and Mac OS X.

If you’re a Windows 10 and Mac OS X user, you’re in luck.

Although, it is likely that “Office 2022” might not receive any feature updates after its launch.

Microsoft will most likely switch updates with round-the-clock offline access.

Furthermore, Microsoft should support the new office for up to 10 years.

The time frame considers past office types except office 2019.

By the way, Microsoft only gives Office 2019 5 years of mainstream support.

Mainstream support means the OS gets security and non-security updates after it’s launch.

The company also gives Office 2019 extended support of 2 years.

Extended support means Microsoft will support for two more years after mainstream support ends.

The support covers only security and stability fixes.

Bear in mind that Office 2022 will not come with a subscription.

Instead, users will give a one-time payment.

We aren’t sure of the cost for now.

Previous Office version

About this time two years ago, on September 24, 2019, Microsoft released Office 2019.

Similar to Office 2022, Microsoft launched Office 2019 as a standalone version.

Therefore, users only gave a one-time payment, no subscription.

Office 2019 can work without the internet.

Also, Microsoft supports it until 2025.

Unlike Microsoft 365, Office 2019 doesn’t get constant feature updates.

On the other hand, Microsoft 365 gets regular feature updates.

Customers of Office 2016 had a small issue with the updates.

Although some customers liked the stability, others wanted to get feature updates once they came out.

To solve the issue, Microsoft told users to use Microsoft 365 instead of Office 2019.

It might sound weird that a company will cheer users to avoid one of its products.

But, Microsoft did just that.

To send its message home, Microsoft got twins to perform some tasks.

The outcome, of course, had Microsoft 365 on top.

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For now, it’s still unclear the plans Microsoft has for the new Office 2022.

Its single-line announcement didn’t say much.

Microsoft did extensively mention the new servers it will announce in the second half of 2021.

They include Exchange Server, Project Server and Skype for Business.

What are your thoughts about “Office 2022”?

Tell us in the comments section.

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