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Spotify Pens Deal To Convert Its Original Podcasts Into TV Shows, Movies

Spotify Pens Deal to Convert its Original Podcasts into TV Shows and Movies
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Spotify is planning to make its original podcasts into TV Shows and series.

Today, the streaming service announced its first-look partnership with Chernin Entertainment.

In case you don’t know Chernin Entertainment, it’s the production company that made some popular movies.

Such as “Ford v Ferrari,” “The Greatest Showman,” “Hidden Figures,” and so on.

The “first-look” deal means Chernin Entertainment gets first-hand opportunity to produce Spotify’s stream of content.

Spotify Pens Deal to Convert its Original Podcasts into TV Shows and Movies

Content here means the Swedish music streaming and media service’s 250 plus shows.

Before now, Spotify, Chernin and Pineapple Media were already making “The Clearing” into a movie.

In fact, Gimlet Media, a subsidiary of the streaming giant, made its “Homecoming” show into a Prime Video Original.

Another media acquired by Spotify is The Ringer.

Both Gimlet Media and The Ringer are signs that Spotify has invested heavily in podcasts.

Why podcasts into movies?

Podcasts are money-making machines when turned to TV shows and movies.

As Peter Chernin, owner of Chernin Entertainment said, audio is one of the fastest-growing means in entertainment.

Also, Spotify hopes to draw investors to this new line of business.

It also hopes to become a podcast owning studio as well as a music app.

This shift will pull other sources of profit.

Peter Chernin believes “Spotify has one of the largest libraries of unattached IP’s.”

He further added that the library gives a chance for catchy stories to become screen-content.

Audio is a good shot at entering Hollywood.

Even movie stars like Rami Malik want in on the audio experience.

This then propels them to star in a movie equal to the audio.

Source: Sidify

Besides, podcasts will now have more uses.

They would do great for audios before they are made into movies.

The good thing is they are also affordable and easy to do.

Studios can later draw-up budgets when they are financially ready.

In communication by Chief Content Officer at Spotify, Dawn Ostroff, the service is excited about the deal.

Spotify believes Chernin is the perfect partner for them.

They also believe Chernin will help share their content around the world.

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With a strong production team like Chernin behind Spotify, there are potentials.

It goes on to show that Spotify is ready.

Ready to put out great content. Ready for TV. And finally, ready for Hollywood.

The chances are endless. And all this without getting staff in Hollywood.

What is your take on Spotify’s deal with Chernin? Do you see hope for Spotify?

Tell us in the comments box below.

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