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Twitter Calls For Help In Its New Approach To Verification

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Twitter has announced, through a tweet, the relaunch of its public verification program set to take place in 2021.

However, it plans on hearing from the public. It has called on the public to help in shaping its view in verification.

With respect to that, Twitter shared its policy with the public and asked for feedback.

In its policy, Twitter shared that the verification program started three years back.

However, people said it was confusing and arbitrary, so it was kept on hold.

Then other issues came up, like focusing on protecting the integrity of conversations on rising topics like the US election.

Twitter said it has been challenging to figure out the why, when, and who to be verified.

However, it is seeking the assistance of the general public in making the decision.

It added that it is sharing a revamp on its plan in identifying each other as many people find it hard to understand who they are talking to online.

Starting the revamp, Twitter said that it would focus first on verification, as people give their feedback and add it to its new policy.

It added that public feedback is an important part of the development.

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The microblogging app defined the new policy as a foundation for future improvement.

This policy will lay the foundation for future improvements by defining what verification means, who is eligible for verification and why some accounts might lose verification to ensure the process is more equitable,” Twitter said.

It added that the blue badge stands for identification of those of public interest and only accounts who are authentic and that only those with a notable and active account can receive the badge.

Asides, it further listed accounts it identifies in granting the badges.

They include Government/Companies, Brands, NGO’s/News/ Entertainment/Sports/Activists, Organizers and other influential individuals.

Also, it identified qualifications for removing verification from accounts.

Twitter said that if an account is inactive or if the profile is incomplete, its verification could be removed.

Parody accounts with no form of identity are not exempted as well as accounts that violate its rules.

Accounts in these categories will have their badges removed to streamline and expand their badges to eligible accounts.

Feedback from users

Users have been giving feedback to Twitter’s request. Some say Twitter should request for a passport for everyone to verify their accounts.

While some asked that the structure should be completely removed, as the verification badges will create a two-tiered social structure.


A user suggested a paid option for those that don’t qualify according to Twitter’s standard.


Twitters said it would hear and consider every feedback on its plans.

However, it aimed to identify people in their medium while expressing their authentic voices with badges.

Twitter said that in 2021, there would be other options for identifying authentic and notable accounts asides from the badges, which will be shared soon.

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