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WordPress To Automatically Turn Blogposts Into Tweetstorms

WordPress now has a tool that can automatically turn blogposts into tweetstorms

WordPress has introduced a new feature that allows users to convert full blogposts into Twitter threads.

With a simple click, users can paste blog write-up with all its media on Twitter.

The feature will embed images, videos and all texts into a complete Twitter thread.

WordPress first introduced Tweetstorm earlier this year but with an opposite difference.

Users can post Twitter threads or “tweetstorm” on their blogs with the option to “unroll” your Twitter embeds.

Now, it has come with an option that helps do the direct opposite.

The tool will automatically write out every detail on a blog without omitting anything.

The blogpost then forms in the thread with pictures and videos exactly where they belong.

To use the feature, a user can tap on the Jetpack sign at the right-hand corner of the edit post page; hit the sign, connect a Twitter account if it hasn’t been done.

WordPress To Automatically Turn Blogposts Into Tweetstorms

There are options that let users share posts with other social platforms. This can be shared to several different Twitter accounts as well.

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According to WordPress, the new feature is a great way to boost blog posts as it will help users get across to audiences that aren’t directly aware of a WordPress blog.

Furthermore, threads accrue more reads than one-off tweets and, perhaps, a link would.

Readers won’t have to get discouraged by links directing them to the main post.

The only problem is that threads are unfriendly ways to read lengthy articles.

A reader might end up getting tired halfway through the read.

To better solve this problem, users of WordPress might have to restrict themselves to short-form content.

For the record, WordPress took the time to make sure the feature pays attention to details.

For instance, instead of fitting a paragraph into one tweet and causing a confusing break, the feature splits it into separate tweets.

Lists in blogposts also become proper lists on Twitter.

To further make the feature customizable, users can preview where the post will be separated in the tweetstorm.

This will better help users write within Twitter’s tweet limit of 280 characters.

WordPress’s new feature has the great potential of converting Twitter readers to blog subscribers.

The feature is available and can be accessed publicly.

What are your thoughts about the new feature on WordPress?

Tell us in the comment section.

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